7/16 NC taps 7/16-14 UNC tap 7/16x14 ANC taps

7/16 NC taps = 7/16-14 UNC tap 7/16x14 ANC taps set = taper second bottom / plug

NC taps = UNC or ANC American National Coarse are superior 1st quality HQS (Highest Quality Steel considered a tougher and better alternative to HSS) and cut even into stainless steel - All in stock in our brand mark T&D HQS tap - SAME DAY DESPATCH (if possible) - If our taps are cared for & used correctly they will last for many years as indicated by our customers, since 1978

 View what customers say about Us Satisfied customers include Rolls Royce, British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil Chemical, British Airways Avionics, Scottish Power Energy, etc

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7/16 NC tap 7/16-14 UNC taps 7/16x14 ANC (REDUCED from £22.54)

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7/16 NC tap = 7/16-14 UNC taps = 7/16x14 ANC
set = taper + second + bottoming / plug