6mm to 10mm x .1mm HSS 41 drills

6mm to 10mm x .1mm HSS Drill Box 41 drills

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6mm to 10mm x .1mm HSS Drills = 41pcs

HSS Metric Drills Box 41 drill Set contains: 6mm 6.1mm 6.2mm 6.3mm 6.4mm 6.5mm 6.6mm 6.7mm 6.8mm 6.9mm 7mm 7.1mm 7.2mm 7.3mm 7.4mm 7.5mm 7.6mm 7.7mm 7.8mm 7.9mm 8mm 8.1mm 8.2mm 8.3mm 8.4mm 8.5mm 8.6mm 8.7mm 8.8mm 8.9mm 9mm 9.1mm 9.1mm 9.2mm 9.3mm 9.4mm 9.5mm 9.6mm 9.7mm 9.8m 9.9mm 10mm
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