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The Tap and Die Co offers taps dies dienuts normally SAME DAY despatch. Our T&D HQS brand is HQS = Highest Quality Steel considered better then HSS in our brands: T&D-HQS Totem Trubor Swiftic ZN in Taps Dies Dienuts + Drills Morse Taper Shank Cobalt Stub Centre drills Taper Pin + Reamers Milling Cutters Endmills Slotdrills Involute Gear Cutters Concave Convex Cutters + Toolbits in EXCELLENT 1st quality tools - Established in 1978

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Replies to frequently asked questions :


General Information - We are the only independently owned ‘specialist’ company. We have proved to be an excellent, efficient company since 1978 with years of service to industry. Please click here to  View what customers say about Us . The quality of our HQS taps & dies are excellent for making internal or external screw-threads in most steel material eg.cast-iron, bronze, aluminium, stainless-steel etc. They are used in every industry including: industrial factories, aerospace, trains, ships, autos, bikes, model-engineering, scientific, jewellery, technical colleges etc. Since 1978 millions of taps & dies have been sold by us. They are 100% quality inspected.
(threads per inch) - Measurement of threads on all inch-diameter sizes eg 1/4”x26tpi means 1/4” is dia of tap or die and 26 is tpi (threads per inch)
Taps - Our excellent quality taps can be used for Machine or Hand tapping and have straight flutes. Taps are packaged normally in 3’s as 3 tapers or 3 seconds or 3 bottomings, in neat white boxes with labels showing size - TAPER taps have a lead of 7-10 threads at 5 degrees per side and helps thread to start - SECOND taps have a lead of 3-5 threads at 8 degrees per side and used for through holes. - BOTTOM  taps have chamfer (lead) of 1-2 threads approx 18 degrees per side and used for threading as close to the bottom of blind holes.
- In UK 'Bottom' taps are referred as 'plugs' whereas in N America Second taps are referred as 'plugs'. To avoid confusion when ordering it is best to use terms Taper, Second, Bottom.

- Small taps have a pointed-end for centering on machines during manufacture. Large taps have a flat-end with a centre-hole
Dies - Dies are packaged in singles in neat white plastic boxes with labels showing size and are round split-adjustable in outside diameter 13/16”od, 1”od, 1.5/16”od, 1.1/2”od, 2”od etc  Solid dies are also supplied
Wooden Boxed Sets - They are exclusively our own computer-designed British-made boxes containing Taps, Dies, tapwrenches + diestocks covering the widest choice on a variety of taps, dies, dienuts, drills etc. and supplied at REDUCED prices & is the best way to buy our range of tools
Quantity - Do you sell any quantity ?
Answer:  Yes, even 1 tool is supplied. - Larger quantities get bigger discounted prices - simply fax or phone us for prices. We carry every type & size on the shelf and are the LARGEST Company in London, UK / Europe
Delivery - Do you deliver anywhere in the world ? & how do you deliver ?
Answer:  We supply customers since 1978 & deliver anywhere in the World. We deliver by UK post and Courier service ( next day delivery in UK ) and by Courier or Air-post to to all other destinations
HQS quality - How does your HQS quality compare to others ?
Answer: Our HQS (= Highest Quality Steel) range are made to BS-949 and are found by customers to be a tougher & better alternative to normal HSS taps & dies sold in the market and are also lower in price and have proven wear resistance and durability since 1978 - They find them excellent in quality and can be used for hand or machine tapping and cuts even into virgin stainless steel. We call this range HQS, as in our opinion, they are possibly the best & highest quality steel taps, dies, dienuts for these prices, which is reflected in their steel composition and hardness - You can read 
What customers say about Us  Our HQS quality = highest quality steel tools, so called by us, ensures guaranteed accuracy for taps, dies + dienuts - All other tools viz : Drills, Reamers, Milling Cutters, Slitting Saws Toolbits are made in HSS or supercobalt
PricesOur Product pages show ‘Now Only’ Price - What does it mean ?
Answer: 'Now only' price is the actual price of 1pc quantity and the 'REDUCED from' price shows other UK manufacturers tool price compared to ours
Currency - All prices & invoices are in Stirling Pounds Stg£ (=GBP). How much is it in my country-currency ?
Answer: Click on ' Pick your Currency ' and it will show your currency amount for your convenience
Security - Please be assured that Online Ordering Process is secured for us by Santu/Globecharge. The SSL certificate which protects this transaction is supplied by Digicert, Inc. When you order online and before filling in your Bankcard details, you can click on 'Santu' logo on Secure Checkout page and view all details showing that www.tap-die.com has secure Online transactions
Payment - How can we pay for tools ?
Answer: You can securely pay on-line by most Credit cards or by Bank Transfer
On this site are the Taps, Dies & Dienuts for Right-hand thread-cutting ?
Answer: All taps, dies & dienuts and other tools are for right-hand cutting (unless stated as left-hand)
We manufacture/supply every type/size and 1000’s of each standard size is on the shelf
If a size is not shown it is often in stock or SPECIALS can be manufactured to order
Do you make/supply LEFT-HAND threads and or ‘ Specials ’ ?
Answer: Yes, left-hand is in stock on most sizes or tools can be made to order in a few days
Do you make/supply other specialist tools ?
Answer: Other than Taps, Dies, Dienuts, BOXED SETS (Wooden & Metal boxes), we offer :
1] HSS Drills : Jobbers, Centre-drills, Long-series, Stub, Morse Taper Shank, Core drills, Drill blank, Quick / Slow Helix, Taper Pin drills
2] Reamers: Hand, Machine, Morse Taper Shank, Chucking, Taper-Pin, Bridge reamers, Shell reamers Carbide-tipped reamers
3] Milling Cutters (Screwed-shank or Plain-shank or Bore-type) : End-mill, Slot-drill, Ball-nose, Ripping, Throwaway, T-Slot, Woodruff, Corner-rounding, Dove-tail, Inverted-dovetail, Cylindrical, Helical, Side & Face, Equal & Unequal cutters, Concave/Convex cutters, Involute Gear Cutters
4] Slitting Saws : for slotting screw-heads & side chip clearance in staggered or straight teeth
5] Toolbits : Round toolbits, Square toolbits, Rectangular toolbits

Are Product dimensions found on this website correct ?
Answer: For customers to be certain about a product-dimension shown on our webste, we suggest contacting us before ordering.  We can then actually measure/check the tools required and in this way customers can be certain about that product-dimensions/details shown on website, as occassionally dimensions vary