The Tap & Die Co London | History
Established 1978 offering highest quality taps dies dienuts boxed-sets - British-made drills reamers cutters in all types and sizes - Nearly all types and sizes in stock

The Tap and Die Co, London since 1978 offers highest quality TAPS DIES DIENUTS stocks and manufactures EVERY type size in Metric BSW BSF taps dies UNC UNF tap die BA Brass 26tpi ME Model Engineer taps dies MTP Model Taper Pipe Whitworth tap die BSC Cycle 26 threads BSP Pipe taps dies BSPT NPT Lefthand taps dies and Specials manufactured to order. NO MINIMUM order requirement and provides a unique, specialised service to worldwide manufacturers, stockists and individuals  ALSO, all sizes of Drills Reamers Milling Cutters sold on website .

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The Tap and Die Co London is privately owned by Mr Z Nadirshaw. He has done his Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours (specialising in Marketing, Finance & General Management) and stood 1st in the University in Marketing Management. He also did his Masters degree in Business Management, London. He is an FRSA (Life Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, London).  He started his career in 1969-70 by joining a large Group of companies (employing over 10,000 staff) and was chosen to be the only Management Trainee in that year, specialising & training in international sales, manufacture and development of taps, dies and dienuts. - Today he is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in taps and dies.

In 1974 he started a company in London for this overseas Group of companies to stock and sell taps & dies in UK and Europe. It was highly successful & was bought out by another UK Group of Companies

He left them and started & developed his own company: The Tap and Die Co which has grown since 1978 into one of the largest reputable companies in London, UK - Europe. It is a unique and specialised company for taps, dies & dienuts

In 1980 freehold premises were purchased enabling stability and consistency. Business is conducted with all types of small, medium and multi-national companies based in UK, Europe and the rest of the World

The 1990's have been exciting times for the growth of the company. Computerisation has enabled worldwide markets to get in touch with the company. Distant and unknown markets have opened up and by purchasing only once from us, customers always promise to return, as they are delighted with our excellent quality, service and prices. The marketplace is steadily growing as customers know that we hold massive superior quality tool-stocks and provide a unique SAMEDAY despatch to customers in UK, Europe & Worldwide. We offer one-on-one service to all our customers

In the millennium year 2000 the company expanded in a big way. We joined hands with other British manufacturers of : Drills, Reamers, Milling Cutters, Tool Bits and Slitting Saws. This has complimented the range of taps and dies and assisted our customers in obtaining all their specialised tool requirements in the very large range offered by us. We have NO MINIMUM ORDER

Today our international sales and headquarters, as well as our warehouse, is located in London, which is considered the Centre of the World and we intend to make this company location, benefit all worldwide customers. All our tools are of very superior quality and customers can be 100% certain that the quality they obtain from us is consistently excellent 1st quality

Customers can buy through our very secure e-commerce website or by phoning us or faxing or by 'snail-mail' [post]. Our business is fully computerised with be-spoke computer programming, which enables customers to gain through our efficiency

Due to the very large range of tools, this website is constantly monitored and improved for our customers. Customers can also view the entire range of our tools on our other detailed CATALOG website  that shows details of all sizes/types of : Taps, Dies, Dienuts, Drills, Reamers, Milling Cutters, Toolbits & Slitting Saws

You can view our company's extensive range of tools on our CATALOG website by clicking here :   - Note: any tools required from our CATALOG website, will need to be ordered by contacting us by email, fax or phone, whereas on this website you can securely buy online.