MTP / METP taps dies in Wood box

MTP / METP taps dies holders in Wood box Model Engineer Taper Pipe set : 1/8x56, 5/32x48, 3/16x40, 1/4x40, 5/16x27, 5/16x40, 3/8x40 - These are Model Engineer Taper Pipe taps + dies for lock-tight fitting - View our other ranges 

1/8x56, 5/32x48, 3/16x40, 1/4x40, 5/16x27, 5/16x40, 3/8x40 MTP / METP taps dies holders in wood box = MT /1 (17pcs)

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MT /1 (17pcs):  MTP / METP tap + die 1/8x56 + 5/32x48 + 3/16x40 + 1/4x40 + 5/16x27 + 5/16x40 + 3/8x40  includes 7 bottom / plug tap + 7 die + 1 tap holder + 2 die holders Model Engineer Tapered Pipe Taps in wood box set (British-made)

EXCELLENT 1st quality HQS (Highest Quality Steel, considered a tougher and better alternative to HSS) made to BS949 for machine or hand tapping, cuts most stainless steel - In stock

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