TECHNICAL Data & Useful Information - for TAPS, DIES, DRILLS, REAMERS, MILLING CUTTERS Click below to view :


Conversion Chart for Metric, Inch, Number and Letter - Size equivalents

Tip to Remove Broken Tap, Drill, Reamer from brass, bronze, gun metal, aluminium

TAPS - Technical Information

Tap and Die Screw Thread Terminology

Hints on Tapping with Taps & Dies

Tapping Speed, Feed & Lubricant for Taps

Tapping Drill Sizes

Tapping Faults - Reasons for Tap Failure

Drill Terminology

Drill Speeds and Drill Feeds

Drill Regrinding

Reamer Terminology

Reamer Guide

Milling Cutter Information

Milling Cutter Surface Feet per Minute & Rev per Minute - Formula & Charts


Note: Technical data provided (above) is for information only and must always be double-checked with other experts  


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