Shipping | The Tap & Die Co despatch SAME DAY (if possible) to customers worldwide - by post or courier

At our Online web-store, you can view your shipping charges before you make payment and complete order for sending to us.
Note: We will NOT charge you shipping cost, if you let us know your Courier's name and your Account number and their UK phone number. We will then arrange for your courier to collect from us and deliver to you. - In this way, we shall not charge you shipping charges, although our shipping charges may still show on your Order Acknowledgement, which is automatically sent to you, when you place your Online order.

  View what customers say about Us - Our customers include high profile companies like Rolls Royce, British Petroleum, Exxon Mobil Chemical, British Airways Avionics, Scottish Power Energy, and a huge number of other reputable large and small customers who are fully satisfied with our Excellent Quality, Reliability, Prices and Service.