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UNF die 1/4 5/16 3/8 7/16 1/2 NF dies in Metal box set

UNF die 1/4 1/4x28,  5/16 5/16x24, 3/8 3/8x24, 7/16 7/16x20, 1/2 1/2x20 

DIES UNF also called NF or ANF 5pcs Excellent 1st quality cuts stainless in Metal box

REDUCED from £91.00

AWARD-WINNING Metal boxed Set containing DIES consisting of

1 die each size in 13/16" od & 1" od round split adjustable dies ( od =  outside diameter ) :-

1/4 UNF   = 1/4 x 28 UNF die

5/16 UNF = 5/16 x 24 UNF die

3/8 UNF   = 3/8 x 24 UNF die

7/16 UNF = 7/16 x 20 UNF die

1/2 UNF   = 1/2 x 20 UNF die

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These dies cannot be compared with other suppliers, as they are superior quality. They are used for cutting external threads, in most steel, including stainless. If these dies are cared for & used correctly then they should last a long time, as found by our customers since 1970's. By ordering this set, you are buying superior quality dies at the LOWEST prices, direct from the 'source' of supply of these tools

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