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2x.4mm 2.5x.45mm 3x.5mm 3.5x.6mm 4x.7mm 5x.8mm 6x1mm taps dies holders in wood box Metric 1 set (23pcs)

Metric 1 (23pcs): Taps + dies 2x.4mm + 2.5x.45mm + 3x.5mm + 3.5x.6mm + 4x.7mm + 5x.8mm + 6x1mm includes 7 taper + 7 bottom / plug tap + 7 die + tapholder + dieholder in wood box set (British-made) 

EXCELLENT 1st quality HQS (Highest Quality Steel, considered a tougher and better alternative to HSS) made to BS949 for machine or hand tapping, cuts most stainless steel - In stock

 REDUCED from  £148.90

British-made Wooden boxed Set containing 23pcs taps, dies & holders consisting of :-

1 taper tap + 1 bottoming tap + 1 die + 1 tapholder + 1 dieholder covering sizes:-

2mm   = 2x.4mm

2.5mm = 2.5x.45mm

3mm   = 3x.5mm

3.5mm = 3.5x.6mm

4mm   = 4x.7mm

5mm   = 5x.8mm

6mm   = 6x1mm

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These taps & dies cannot be compared with other suppliers, as they are superior quality. They are used for cutting internal and external threads, in most steel, including stainless. If these taps & dies are cared for & used correctly then they should last a long time, as found by our customers since 1970's. By ordering this set, you are buying superior quality taps & dies at the LOWEST prices, direct from the 'source' of supply of these tools. - Note: This woodbox is similar to the image shown in 'BA taps dies sets'