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1mm to 5.9mm x .1mm HSS Drills = 50pcs

1mm to 5.9mm x .1mm HSS Drill Box 50 drills

HSS Metric Drill Box Set contains 50 drills: 1mm 1.1mm 1.2mm 1.3m 1.4mm 1.5mm 1.6mm 1.7mm 1.8mm 1.9mm 2mm 2.1mm 2.2mm 2.3mm 2.4mm 2.5mm 2.6mm 2.7mm 2.8mm 2.9mm 3mm 3.1mm 3.2mm 3.3mm 3.4mm 3.5mm 3.6mm 3.7mm 3.8mm 3.9mm 4mm 4.1mm 4.2mm 4.3mm 4.4mm 4.5mm 4.6mm 4.7mm 4.8mm 4.9mm 5mm 5.1mm 5.2mm 5.3mm 5.4mm 5.5mm 5.6mm 5.7mm 5.8mm 5.9mm
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NOTE: Drills supplied in Metal or Plastic boxes and may differ from image shown
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