HBPMI160x256 - 501A
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Plain Mill Slab Milling Cylindrical Cutter

2-1/2" Plain Mill Slab Milling Cylindrical Cutter 4" length 1" bore

2-1/2" diameter Cylindrical Milling Cutters or Plain Mill or Slab Mills x 4" length x 1" bore for surface cutting

Cylindrical Cutters or Plain Mills or Slab Mills with Right hand spiral of 30-35 degree. Used for general purpose surface metal removal. They machine surfaces narrower than the face of the cutter and do not cut on the sides. Excellent quality British-made to BSS122 for inch

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CUTTERS - shank type  for Endmills, Slot Drills, Ball Nose, T-Slot, Corner Rounding, Dovetail, Inverted Dovetail, Woodruff Keyseating
OR  view CUTTERS - bore type  for Cylindrical Mill, Involute Gear, Single Angle, Equal Double Angle, Convex, Concave, Side and Face Slot Cutters

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