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Blank wood box (enables customer make cut-outs for tools

BLANK wood-box enables make any type of 'cut-outs' for tools

This box British-made exclusively our design, contains NO slots or cut-outs. It has specially been left 'blank' to enable anyone with wood-working tools to router-cut slots into the base and/or lid and place tools in this product. This product has a lid and base, hinged at the back, with one front-closing clip. It is unvarnished. It is a 'ready to cut-out' MDF-wood product. 
Dimensions :  14.5" length x 7" wide x 1.5" thick

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British-made Wooden boxed Set our designed boxes containing NO cut-outs and you can now cut-out any shapes in the wood base and lid, for any tools you want to store in these boxes 

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