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Blank wood box (enables customer make cut-outs for tools

BLANK wood-box enables make any type of 'cut-outs' for tools

This box British-made exclusively our design, contains NO slots or cut-outs. It has specially been left 'blank' to enable anyone with wood-working tools to router-cut slots into the base and lid and place tools in this product. This box is approx 1.5 inches thick with lid and base hinged at the back, with one front-closing clip. It is unvarnished. It is a 'ready to cut-out' MDF-wood product. 
Dimensions :  14.5" length x 7" wide x 1.5" thick

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British-made Wooden boxed Set our designed boxes containing NO cut-outs and you can now cut-out any shapes in the wood base and lid, for any tools you want to store in these boxes 

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